Best photo editing applications

Instagram is more common than ever and flawless editing is important to differentiate your profile.

Although any photographer is likely to spend hours looking for the right camera and Fuji lenses, it is nice to know all the high quality smartphone applications available to edit your images on-the-spot.

Here are the Best photo editing applications we find to increase your Instagram feed

Snapseed (Android & iOS)

My own preferred and software for all my photo edits, Snapseed, in the first and foremost. Accessible both on iOS and Android, Snapseed provides professional, simple-to-use, professional, photo version with an intuitive interface

Includes hundreds of tools to edit and change your pictures from light to highlights using the most frequently customizable settings. In addition, Snapseed has state-of-the-art brush equipment to specifically change those regions.

Snapseed has a flexible smartphone picture editing software, my very own first option to edit images before posting to Instagram.

VSCO (Android & iOS)

VSCO, an incredibly common photo editing software for Instagram users, provides a forum for communicating and making photographers more than just photo editing. Simply looking at Instagram’s Hashtag #VSCO would show to the immense photographers and casual consumers who regular use VSCO a testament to the success of the service.

VSCO includes all resources you might expect in a favorite photo editing application; alongside several other settings, the saturation, highlights, temperature and vignette can all be changed. VSCO also provides an innovative managed built-in camera, enabling users to record, edit and save the ideal image without leaving the app for ease.

Instasize (Android & iOS)

Are you one of the key self-expression social producers of Instagram? You will instase the app in both iOS and Android app stores. It has all basic functionality to build the major Instagram post from scratch, a multi-use photo and video editor.

Filters and sliders for post-processing are used along with text and done polishing borders. It also provides a range of styling apps for easily updating personal portraits and selfies before posting.

In addition, daily platform updates deliver new material that is the focus of seasons, places and moods.

Afterlight (Android, iOS & Windows 10)

Afterlight is certainly the only paying app on our list. The consistency and functionality of the software makes the app a pleasure to use and also has no other features. The Afterlight comes with all of the usual editing software you would have requested from a high-quality app. But not everything can be customized to saturate, contrast, saturation or even RBG Shade Tones.

The app provides hundreds and tens of filters which give a different esthetic appeal than what is normal on Instagram when it comes to filters; You can stack filters and add a number of frames. Afterlight does not really shine

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