How take good selfies?

Learning how to pose for a selfie creates a lot more important difference than any camera app about how you look in a picture. A #selfie quest on Instagram generates more than 122,000,000 images. However, a flattering shot of yourself can also be tough to capture with your camera as well. Here are some tips on how to keep your camera or phone and some tips for how take good selfies

Ditch the Face, and Let the Feet Do the Talking

If I think of a selfie, then a photograph of a person’s face springs to mind at once. Yet the fact is that you never taken some image of a selfie. Why not shoot your foot — particularly if you want to put your new pair of shoes to your attention? Or take a shot of your new fingernails or jewelry or Fitbit on your handle. Challenge yourself, in your next selfie, to catch you with imagination by posing and playing with multiple forms of keeping your camera. Snap down, too!

Crop In Tight

The context is generally noisy, distractive, and one issue with selfies. You may often always assume that the person in the picture hits the phone. By closely cuts in your face in the picture, you can solve all these problems.

An advanced tip is that if your screen is closer to yourself, the features on your face will be more lens-related and those which are more remote will be reduced. So your nose looks longer and your eyes look bigger.

Selfie of the Selfie

One cool idea I didn’t really see is to make someone take a selfie shot of you. It’s a very flattering and intriguing look.

Angles experiment

Tilt your head right and then right when you look at your phone screen. Tilt your head right. One side is more appealing to most of us than the other. Often, it is normally more fun to illustrate the “best side” than to actually fire.

Put something new

Maybe you have only a handful of new lenses. Frame your image to emphasize your new shows. If you’ve just shaved and dyed your hair, reveal it in your selfie. Or if your favorite canine pal has took home a beautiful dog, pose with him.

Do something worthwhile

Take a photo of yourself participating in an adventure – underwater snorkeling, jet skiing, or climbing in Machu Picchu.


Throw a cap, wig or wear shades. Throw on the suit.

Talk Yourself

Smile! Frown. Pout. Or make a silly face (But no, not the duck face!)

Taking a full body shot

For this kind of selfie, a full-length mirror fits well. Wink the left or right corner again, which is normally more flattering than straight firing.

Open the Simple Way of Your Camera

It’s a little harder to hold the camera with one hand, but to keep it still and take a shot. You can get a snapshot of the iPhone fast and easily by pressing the shutter release button or one of the volume keys.

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