Indian wedding shots to capture for Bride and Groom

One of the most important days for every groom and bride is their wedding day, which they have been expecting for a long time. Every bride and groom, without a doubt, want to remember every valuable moment that they have spent so that they can cherish and store them for the rest of their lives. The great thing is that wedding photography prices are not prohibitively costly and can be afforded by all.

5 Best Indian Wedding Couple Poses | Trending Poses in 2020

Indian wedding couple pose or images that you need to capture.

Shots of Getting Ready – Another famous style of shot is one taken when you are getting ready for your big day. These shots can be taken while you are applying make-up and jewels, or while your bridesmaids are assisting you in getting dressed. Having any shot from start to finish is also very common these days.

Mehndi/ Haldi Shots – Mehndi or Haldi Shots are another popular type of shot that is thought to be very cute and cool. Mehndi and haldi rasam are now two of the most famous events held during Indian weddings, where the bride and groom can get some amazing and happy pictures with all laughter and fun.

Bride and Groom Entries – In an Indian big fat wedding, we want to see those special and dramatic entrances that are all the rage these days. Depending on the sort of entry made by the bride, you can have some enjoyable and amazing moments as well as some emotional ones. You should capture those stunning candid images for your memories.

Chilling Shot of Bride – One of the most common styles of shots nowadays is one in which the bride and groom are relaxed with some drinks or booze. This style of image is really common, and it is taken in their wedding gown as well as in a pre-wedding photo shoot with some killer attitude looks.

Laugh Shots – Laughing photos of the bride and groom during their wedding are another form of photo that you could have in your wedding album. Getting some beautiful candid shots where you can see the pair enjoying their sweet and fun moments of their most memorable day that they have been looking forward to.

These are some of the indian wedding couple pose or images that you need to capture. Wedding photography costs in India range from 35,000INR and 40,000INR for candid photos and 40,000INR for traditional photos.

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